“‘Mens’ rights’ activist loses court case”

This case proves that men are not immune from daffyduckism. Guy named Roy Den Hollander, a lawyer yet (and just after I linked you to that nice essay about how lawyers are good for us and the economy!), who calls himself a “men’s equality activist,” sued Amnesia, a Chelsea nightclub “that made him buy a $350 bottle of vodka to get in.”

He was pissed because young women were allowed to enter the club without a charge.

Here’s the gist:

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Alexander Hunter wrote this week that Roy Den Hollander was not the victim of age and gender discrimination in 2010 when a bouncer at Amnesia nightclub told the 66-year-old to pay up, while letting a young lady in for free at the same time.

“They all pull the same thing: ‘These guys got gray hair, let’s charge them some money,'” said the crusading barrister. “They’re doing the same thing they did in the Deep South back in the 1950s. Having to buy a $350 bottle of watered down vodka – that’s the ‘sitting in the back of the bus’ for us!

Pretty outrageous that Hollander is comparing himself to Rosa Parks. And, by seriously mixing his drinks, um, I mean, metaphors, to Carrie Nation:

This wasn’t Hollander’s first longshot lawsuit.

He also sued several Manhattan hot spots including the Copacabana for organizing “ladies’ nights” drink specials. The suit was thrown out by federal appeals court in 2010.

He also sued – twice – to halt federal funding of Columbia University’s feminist studies program, arguing that feminism constitutes a “modern-day religion.” Both were thrown out, most recently by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals last month.

Hollander said the defeats were starting to get to him.

“I’m beginning to think it’s time for vigilante justice – civil disobedience,” he said, elaborating that he “may pull a Carrie Nation on the Ladies’ Nights clubs.”

Carrie Nation, who died in 1911, was a radical member of the temperance movement who vandalized bars with a hatchet.

This guy is not helping our economy. He needs a life.

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