“Midtown Pilates studio bent out of shape”

Sez the Daily News. Two Pilates gyms — Bent Pilates Studio and Bend Pilates and Holistic Health — are fighting over their names.

What, you are saying? Bent, Bend and who cares? Well Bent (with a “t”) cares. As the Daily News’s Barbara Ross, Kerry Burke and Bill Hutchinson put it, “The owner of Bent Pilates Studio is showing no flexibility in a lawsuit demanding her competitor stop using the name Bend Pilates and Holistic Health.”

They go on to call one of the Pilates ladies a “veteran stretch guru,” and say that she’s “painting her rival…as a poseur in a leotard.”

Read on. It’s full of … well, I’m still trying to understand how gyms that use techniques like Pilates or yoga, techniques that suggest peace, relaxation, non-aggression, get so damned aggressive that they’ll sue. Over one letter in one word.

(And once again I bow — low to the ground because I do yoga and am that flexible — to the Daily News’ pun department. You guys are the best.)

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