Mike Pence came to the Upper West Side

And I barely knew about it.

Of course, good neighbors were out there protesting.

But here’s the real news in this piece from West Side Rag:

Sirens echoed up and down the avenue as the black SUVs sped through the intersection of 81st Street and West End—which had been blocked by NYPD motorcycles—and the SUV (presumably) carrying the Vice President made a sharp turn toward Riverside, before disappearing out of sight down a small driveway.

More than a dozen Secret Service—or similar—immediately emerged from SUVs parked along 81st, and, strikingly, a large man leapt from a closed trunk, able, apparently, to open the door from the inside.

A large man in a closed trunk? I’m going to be thinking about this for at least, oh, I dunno, five minutes more.

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