“Mnuchin Defends Trump’s Response to Protests”

Source: Mnuchin Defends Trump’s Response to Protests – The New York Times

Before I stop doing all this in favor of my football game (Giants v Browns, 8 pm, ABC), I must share an astounding quote from Steve Mnuchin, one of Trump’s Jews, in this short article by Maggie Haberman.

Summary: in response to a letter from “300 of his 1985 classmates from Yale, urging him to step down immediately…” Mnuchin made some outrageously idiotic assurances:

“While I find it hard to believe I should have to defend myself on this, or the president…”

Uh, “hard to believe”??? And…

“I feel compelled to let you know that the president in no way, shape or form believes that neo-Nazi and other hate groups who endorse violence are…”

Blah blah blah.

I mean, Steve, we all heard Trump, remember? You were there, you saw the cameras, the audio devices recording the whole horror. You must know we all know exactly what Trump said. So your compelling insider knowledge goes nowhere except to convince us that you, like Trump, are a liar. And a dope.

But here’s the paragraph that particularly grabbed me, and I’m glad I’ve torn out the hard copy because I have just learned this paragraph is not in the online edition:

“I don’t believe the allegations against the president are accurate,” Mr. Mnuchin said of the denunciations of the president, “and I believe that having highly talented men and women in our country surrounding the president in his administration should be reassuring to you and all the American people.”

You get this, right? We should be ever so reassured that Mnuchin is sticking with the president because he’s highly talented!!

He just called himself “highly talented.” And here I was thinking of him as a not-very-talented member of Trump’s Judenrat.

May I say, oy vey.


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