“…mom sues baby daddy for $1 million on Valentine’s Day”

From the Daily News: Coney Island mom sues baby daddy for $1 million on Valentine’s Day – NY Daily News.

Here’s how this story reads to me:

  • (Very pretty but not very young) woman has romance with rich guy.
  • She gets pregnant. She…

…says she quit a $100,000-a-year hospital job after on-and-off lover Mikhail Grinberg promised to cover all living expenses for her and newborn David.

  • Grinberg, a “Harvard-educated [but maybe very naive] hedge fund researcher,” provided her with $32,000 per month. [My emphasis]
  • Grinberg won a Family Court decision and “scaled back to about $4,400” a month.
  • She’s now suing him for a million bucks.

“I love him, but he broke my heart,” said the Russian immigrant.


The single mom [but that was her choice, wasn’t it? she admitted “She delivered their son in August 2011, although Grinberg never fully committed to the relationship.

“I was accepting of that,” she said. “That’s why we never got married … “]

I’d better begin that paragraph again:

The single mom was forced to give up her $14,000-a-month, two-bedroom W. 62nd St. apartment last March and move to Coney Island’s Surf Ave. after Grinberg refused to renew the lease.

“Forced to move” to Coney Island? Had to give up a $14,000-a-month apartment? No mention that Surf Avenue, Coney Island is Little Odessa, a heavily Russian-populated area of the city? Where shop signs are in Cyrillic? And the plaintiff is Russian?

The only thing not wrong with this picture — and this lawsuit — is that Grinberg apparently grew up emotionally fast. My sympathies are with him and, of course, the baby, who didn’t come into this world asking for this, or suing himself. (Somebody should do a scholarly study of whether babies who are nominally the cause of such lawsuits reach adulthood prone to litigation themselves, but I’m not going to be doing this study.)

Inna Raykhelgauz’s lawyer is William Beslow, who is called one of New York’s Super Lawyers, and is representing the ex-girlfriend of George Soros in her sort of similar lawsuit involving an expensive apartment (although without a babe in arms).

Above the Law had this reference to Beslow, re the Soros lawsuit, which also comments on depositions.

Including the way Beslow’s client, Soros’s ex-girlfriend, behaved to Soros during his deposition.

This little item covers a lot of legal territory.

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