Moments of great, great leadership around the world. Plus…

From Harper’s Weekly Report:

[A] Florida law firm began offering free living wills to teachers forced to return to their classrooms. “I think central Florida, as we get into the next month, is probably in pretty good shape,” said the state’s governor, Ron DeSantis.

Polish president Andrzej Duda, who has called LGBT rights more destructive than Communism and whom Trump has said is “doing a terrific job,” won reelection; Duda later told a Russian prank caller claiming to be the UN secretary-general that Trump had not called to congratulate him.

Two Republican senators, Marco Rubio and Dan Sullivan, posted photos of the recently deceased Black congressman Elijah Cummings in their attempts to pay tribute to the more recently deceased Black congressman John Lewis.

Iceland has invited people to send recordings of their loudest screams to be broadcast into the country’s wilderness. The head of the country’s official tourism website said, “We feel this is just what the world needs.”

…a couple of ditzy thingees:

A Ukrainian news anchor did not visibly react when, as she reported on the pandemic, her tooth fell out.

[A] body found in Allenhurst, Georgia, was revealed, upon the arrival of the coroner, to be a sex doll.

An Australian shark-attack victim yelled “I still love sharks” from her gurney.

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