Montana defies the U.S. Supreme Court, redux

Gotta brag. Although I’m not particularly quick about picking up legal news, I did notice and post this a few weeks ago:

Montana Supreme Court Defies Citizens United Decision

Posted on January 3, 2012 by Naomi

Just picked this up on Twitter, where I follow a group of law blogs and magazines. This is from the Wall Street Journal blog. It’s too exciting to hold back until tomorrow, and I’m not even going to take up time converting this into an internal link. Just look at the headline and read it:

Montana Supreme Court Defies Citizens United Decision, Upholds State Ban – Law Blog – WSJ.

Yesterday, January 24, the New York Times printed this editorial about the case.  I’m troubled that my own newspaper did not come out with this before the Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal blog. But at least they’ve confirmed the significance of this move in the Montana Supreme Court.

Montana is dissing the U.S. Supreme Court conservative majority. There’s a quality of legal revolution in it, don’t you think?

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