More about Facebook with less about Facebook

That previous Facebook post…I wrote too much.

What I wanted to say was, I think so much better of my fellow citizens than do journalists who are going nuts because they read all the garbage that’s on Facebook and pick up data that indicate tons of people are clicking on the garbage, and believe what they’re reading.

I don’t think so.

Why does anyone fear that most of us are crazy and/or stupid? We’re not. And I do not believe that a relatively sane person can accidentally read something saying that Donald Trump is our nation’s savior, working surreptitiously to expose a ring of Satanic pedophiles and human traffickers — all of whom are Democrats — and suddenly be converted.

Fear is dominating political conversation. I don’t think it’s dominating us.

One group has been told to be fearful that mobs of dark-skinned people are going to invade their communities, tear down their gods and brainwash and/or kidnap their children.


The other group fears that social media have created a mob of armed, white-skinned people who believe such nonsense and who are a burgeoning majority in our country.

I don’t believe social media created them. I think they were always there; social media gave them mega- and microphones, a way of sharing their pathologies — for which Trump gave them permission. But they are not a burgeoning majority.

We are.



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