More advice about e-mails

Yesterday’s New York Times business section had a piece by Nicole Perlroth called “Trying to Keep Your E-Mails Secret When the C.I.A. Chief Couldn’t.”

It caught my eye immediately, since I’ve mentioned here at least a few times how important e-mails can be in a lawsuit. Now that we know how much personal information the F.B.I. can get into during what has devolved into what seems to be a mere sex scandal, just imagine what an opponent can do with your e-mails during a lawsuit.

I read the whole article, although I do confess that whenever I see the word “encryption,” my mind wanders. Still, this article has some excellent advice about dealing with e-mails in general, if only to point out to all of us how important internet communications have become.

Perlroth’s subtitles speak loudly:

Know your adversary.

Hide your location.

Go off the record.

Encrypt your messages.

Set your self-destruct timer.

Drop the draft folder idea.

Use only a designated device.

Get an alibi.

Don’t mess up.

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