More animal news: goats, beavers and bees

The goats are back in Riverside Park! And they held a contest for the G.O.A.T.

Actually, “they” didn’t hold a contest for themselves. A bunch of human beings and a City Council member did. (The goats didn’t get to vote. Conflict of interest.)

Here’s a taste of the news:

Bella, Buckles, Chalupa, Massey, and Skittles. Five gorgeous goats drew a crowd of more than a hundred to Riverside Park this morning, but only one would be crowned the G.O.A.T., or Greatest Of All Time. 

I’m not going to ruin the suspense about which goat won. You’ll have to read the article which is worth it in any case because it’s funny.

Now beavers: it seems I was wrong to hope one beaver in the Hudson foreshadowed lots of beavers in the Hudson.

Beaver experts say, no. This guy seems like he got lost. And one observer thought he looked lost.

There is expressed hope he’ll find his way home. I’m expressing hope beaver people help him find his way home, i.e., northern New York State. I mean, I guess it’s up there. I really don’t know where he lives. I don’t even know if he’s a she.

And from Harper’s Weekly Review, Brits and creatures:

A bee that was suspected of having been inadvertently transported to Britain from Turkey escaped the house it was first seen in, was sentenced to death by the U.K. government, defended by a Turkish newspaper, and then was spared when Britain’s Natural History Museum declared that its nests were “too untidy” to be foreign.

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