More animal news! Goats in Riverside Park

From the West Side Rag I learn that this summer a herd of goats will be chomping away at weeds and poison sumac, etc. in hard to reach places of Riverside Park.

So I want to reiterate my original notion of a small pack of wolves in Central Park. To clear out the rats, which are sort of fauna poison sumac.

Obviously, they can’t be in Riverside Park at the same time the goats are there. But for the wolves to get into Riverside Park from Central Park, they’d have to — as a pack — cross (1)two-way traffic on four lanes of Central Park West; (2) one-way four lane traffic on Columbus Avenue; (3) one-way four lane traffic on Amsterdam Avenue; (4) two-way four lane traffic on Broadway; (5) two-way four lanes on West End Avenue, where people regularly get killed by cars; and (6) many lanes of two-way traffic on Riverside Drive.

I think the wolves would be satisfied with foraging in Central Park. But of course I don’t know for sure; I’m not a wolf. I’m just a person who finds crossing all those streets full of rampaging traffic fairly intimidating — and I know how to read red/green lights.

Though wolves are smart. But cautious.

I don’t know where I’m going with this. Just rambling around, coping with all the breaking news.

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