More animal news: teeny teeny, very old and indestructible

The very first thing I thought when notified by the New York Times science section that there is a miniscule animal, a bdelloid rotifer, who was brought back to life after being frozen in permafrost for 24,000 years, was…what a boost to the cryogenics industry.

Take a look at that link and you’ll see one of this little guys eating and wriggling.

Woolly mammoths are also mentioned in the article — a scientist remarks how one of these little guys had lived along with and had probably seen a woolly mammoth (although I don’t think he inquired of the teeny wriggler, “Have you actually seen a woolly mammoth?”) — but nobody’s defrosted one of them, not yet.

Oh, and the defrosted bdelloid rotifer can reproduce. Yes. So…


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