More animal news, this time wild and in NYC

I was out walking (and gasping in my home-made way-too-efficient mask) when I noticed a couple of things.

The birds. Pigeons have become really ballsy. While they used to scamper away from our moving feet, now they don’t bother. They stroll. Right around our feet. I think they’ve quickly accommodated themselves to the obvious: there are fewer of us around.

Then, while waiting on line outside of Zabar’s, I noticed a few really little birds, probably recently born — they looked new, if you know what I mean, fresh and fluffy. One flew down onto the sidewalk very near the line, looked around and then departed. Very near the line. It was as if it wanted to commune with us.


Aside from the coyote in Central Park, the raccoons, the oppossi in Teddy Roosevelt Park.

Then I came home and found this in my online Daily News:

Luck of the buck in a GWB rescue

Some young bucks have all the luck.

A wandering deer [I tried to copy the picture of it but failed] from New Jersey nearly trotted to an early demise Monday during a dash across the George Washington Bridge, but was rescued by a group of Port Authority police officers.

The young buck was headed across a bridge walkway toward Manhattan shortly before 1 p.m. when it slipped through some bars and fell a few feet to the rocks below, sources said.

As a Port Authority cop approached the deer, it got spooked and jumped a fence into Port Authority property adjacent to Fort Lee Historic Park, a Port Authority spokeswoman said.

The officer couldn’t get to it, so the Emergency Service Unit was called in and the deer was shot with a light sedative dart, sources said. Once the deer recovered from the sedative, it was released to the wild.

Did you notice this did not happen at night? It happened at 1 in the afternoon, when I’m sure the George had at least some traffic.

I mean, what next?

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