More email news: a lawyer is censured for one

Take a look at this abstract from the New York Law Journal, about an email one lawyer sent to another who happened to have been the forewoman of a jury that decided against the first lawyer’s client.

I didn’t know this kind of a-legal vituperation was censurable. Not that I disagree; I just had no idea. (But I was curious enough to look through the lawyers code of professional conduct (you can link to it from the Sidebar first page, under Sites of Interest; if you too are curious, take a look at section 3.5(5)(iii and iv) on pages 107-108).

So I figure you, too, would like to see this, especially given the Hillary Clinton email non-scandal. Some people delete their intemperate emails instead of sending them. Or make sure their emails aren’t intemperate to begin with.

Lawyer Is Censured for Email Saying Juror ‘Hijacked’ His Case

Joel Stashenko, New York Law Journal   

The email, sent to a fellow lawyer who had served as forewoman of a jury that ruled against Frank Panetta’s client, began: “After numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and success beyond anything you will ever attain in your lifetime, I will never forget you: the bloated jury [forewoman] that I couldn’t get rid of and that misled and hijacked my jury.”
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