More from Dr. Deb on the desperate situation of MDs

More covid tests would be great BUT only safe for the testers to swab patients if they are in protective gear. Our supplies are dreadfully depleted. Europe and Asia are, as always, “fashion forward”. Their first responders are completely covered in one piece hazmat suits. We do not have them and are also running out of the less effective equipment we do have.

My hospital is now planning on reusing N95 masks. Although I do not think this is a good option it is the only option.

Where is our federal government’s response to depleted gear? Silence. Trump doing what he does best; stirring up hate and violence against Asians calling this “the Chinese virus”. He failed to close all flights from Asia months into this pandemic because he was afraid of the effect on business. When doctors and nurses are too ill to care for him and everyone else, this country will be in serious serious trouble

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