More god problem: dangerous irrationality of religious orthodoxy

While I was reckoning with another post under this headline, I realized that there were two further incidents–what a weak word for these murderous attacks by insane orthodox Jews.

It’s hard to express outrage great enough to encompass this horrible story from the West Bank, when, as the New York Times headline put it:  Jewish Arsonists Suspected in West Bank Attack That Killed Palestinian Toddler

The attack was branded as terrorism by Israeli and Palestinian politicians, and shocked consciences on both sides of the simmering conflict.

Here are a couple of utterly damning sentences from this news article:

Two witnesses said they saw two masked men outside the house watching as the family burned.

“The hardest thing for me, was that there were two burning people on the ground, and two people were just standing over them,” said a neighbor, Ibrahim Dawabsheh, who like many in this Palestinian village shared a common last name. “They didn’t even care that the child was still crying inside.”

And then there was this monstrously, literally insane thing:

Source: Ultra-Orthodox Israeli Stabs 6 at a Gay Pride Parade for Second Time, Police Say

The assailant, Yishai Schlissel was said to have told the police that he had come “to kill in the name of God.”

It begins:

JERUSALEM — An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man who had recently been released from prison after serving 10 years for stabbing participants in the annual Gay Pride Parade here in 2005 struck again Thursday, stabbing six marchers in this year’s parade, according to the police.

Two of the victims were in serious condition, according to the emergency services. The assailant, Yishai Schlissel, was pinned to the ground on a central Jerusalem street and arrested by police officers who were stationed along the route, the police said.

Yes, you read that correctly. This Israeli psychotic leaves prison and immediately attacks again, the same deadly crime that put him in prison the first time.

I’ve made an argument that the entire purpose of fundamentalist religion is to suppress women. I can make another argument that fundamentalists, who embrace psychotics, drawing them in, offering succor, discipline and structure that justifies their mad rage, are themselves clinically insane.

I recall having that strong conviction after reading the New York Times penetrating and devastating biographies of the madmen who brought down the Twin Towers. I found myself diagnosing most of them as paranoid schizophrenics or paranoid psychotics.

Whatever they are, fundamentalist religions of all stripes find them very, very useful.



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