More infuriating news about the 1 percent

Say you feel strongly about the income inequality in the U.S.A. And say you think the 1 percent are getting away with a lot of things, on top of their moola.

Say you blame it on Wall Street or our tax code. Or on how nobody paid any attention to state governments until we all noticed they were warping or deleting state laws to demolish unions–the champions of the middle class–and regulations–which guard us from the ravages of corporations, i.e., the 1 percenters–and I could go on but putting a lot of hyphens in this sentence will make it hard to grasp.

Whatever. If you’re in the 99 percent and you’re pissed off, you’ll want to read this from yesterday’s New York Times.

But. If you’re in the 99 percent and you’re pissed off but have a sensitive stomach or migraines, maybe you don’t want to read this. Doctor’s orders: try glancing at the abstract below and the link. If you find yourself in the onset of nausea or pain, don’t click.

Nevada, Delaware and other states compete to offer ways for the rich to fend off creditors, divorcing spouses and even tax collectors.

Source: States Vie to Shield the Wealth of the 1 Percent – The New York Times

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