More interesting good things

Oil plunged more than 8% yesterday, touching a low of $99.76 a barrel. That means oil has lost almost roughly quarter of its value since touching a near 14-year high of $130.50 a barrel on March 6.

Our president posted this: “This year, through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, we’re going to start fixing over 65,000 miles of highway and 1,500 bridges in disrepair.”

Citibank has announced it’s pulling out of Russia. This makes four big banks outta there. Or maybe three and a half banks, depending on how you regard Deutsche.

The hacking collective Anonymous has sent 7,000,000 anti-war texts to Russian cell phone users to tell them the truth about Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

I’ve just read the news! Seems that Time Warner is canceling OAN. (Trump calls them, “a wonderful network.” This is all anybody needs to know about what a great, great loss this will be to factual news reporting.)

Ukraine is requesting that Russia be ordered to end its war and withdraw troops from the country. The International Court of Justice will issue a ruling on March 16.

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