More notes on virus survival

Did my laundry last night — in between NFL draft choices — but didn’t fold it in our laundry room, where we have big white folding tables.

I decided not to fold downstairs even before our coop advised us not to fold downstairs, so that our laundry room visits would be short, masked and limited to only a few people at a time.

If you don’t fold laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer, you get wrinkled laundry. Fact of life. I just folded my wrinkled laundry using my bed as the work surface. When I got to rolling my colorful socks, I put my sox box on the bed and moved 7 or so feet away to toss each pair into the box. Yes, I missed a few times but then got the pitching arm back into shape and made the tosses. And cheered.

Earlier, my TV music station broadcast a fine recording of Beethoven’s Ninth. Within it there are extended periods of measureless joy and the last movement, the chorale, is ecstasy, cleansing to the soul.

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