More on dementia and processed food

For those of you who don’t trust the clipped and wry info produced by Harper’s, today the Times substantiated the fact that processed foods are related to dementia.

(How strange! I now can’t seem to find the article which cited a large British study of processed foods. Do not make jokes about the state of my own mind; nothing wrong with my mind; I don’t eat processed foods; my memory is in good shape, except for names of minor actors I saw last night on some streaming service, the name of which I’ve also forgotten. However…)

So let’s go back to my small note at the bottom of yesterday’s post and let’s make it a more serious note: has anyone studied the eating habits of white supremacists and MAGA nuts? (I mean “nuts” as a psychopathological term, not as a fairly healthy food by which one can acquire protein.)

Seems that studies are being done, although I’m unable to make sense of this one which has something to do with white cultures and food insecurity and racism. Translation: I don’t have the patience to read through it.

What I’m asking for is a plain old easy-to-understand study: do right-wingers eat more processed food than the rest of us?

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