More on Gorsuch

Neil Gorsuch Recused in More Than 1,000 Cases as Tenth Circuit Judge

Tony Mauro, The National Law Journal


The majority of recusals, more than 500, were triggered by the involvement of a “former client or colleague,” according to a 51-page appendix to his Senate Judiciary Committee questionnaire that lists all 1,095 cases in which he stepped aside.

Perhaps it’s time to give us all Black’s Law Dictionary’s definition of recusal:

Removal of oneself as judge or policy-maker in a particular matter, esp. because of a conflict of interest. Cf. DISQUALIFICATION.

OK, then. Here’s “disqualification”:

Something that makes one ineligible, esp., a bias or conflict of interest that prevents and judge or juror from impartially hearing a case, or that prevents a lawyer from representing a party.


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