More on Hulk Hogan

The meltdown at Gawker is being followed closely by Hulk Hogan’s lawyers, who will battle the site in a $100 million lawsuit.

Source, Daily News: Hulk Hogan’s team thinks Gawker turmoil may bring a takedown

I am absurdly disappointed with the Daily News’s Confidential (i.e., gossip) page today. Here they have a big thing about Hulk Hogan, and his transmogrifying lawsuit–now against Gawker–for those sex tapes secretly recorded by his ex-best-friend Bubba The Love Sponge Clem, sex tape of Hulk and Bubba’s now ex-wife having it off in the sack.

But. The Daily News did not refer to Bubba by his full name!

I’ve been scrupulous when reporting on this situation to use his full name. Indeed, I can’t understand why the Daily News would eschew Bubba’s, um, middle names, The Love Sponge.

Meanwhile, not only have I worked hard to keep you up to date with the lawsuit, I’ve even posted subsidiary info I gathered from Lowering the Bar about Hulk Hogan’s real name, and what he is to be referred to in court, and what he is allowed to wear…

How could the Daily News let us so down? Boo and hoo to the third power.

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