More on the Greg Mortenson saga

So many people have gotten to Sidebar while searching on the Greg Mortenson situation. So, from today’s Publisher’s Marketplace:

After a lengthy investigation, the Montana Attorney General concluded that author Greg Mortenson mismanaged the charity he established and helped to run, the Central Asia Institute, and found that he personally profited from the organization. AG Steve Bullock issued a 44-page report of his department’s findings, and they have reached a settlement agreement with Mortenson under which he will reimburse $1 million to the CAI. Bullock underscored that the investigation was focused on the charity’s financial conduct and Mortenson’s arrangements with the charity for book purchases, speaking appearances and travel. The AG did not look into allegations that Mortenson’s book are not factually accurate. (A separate civil suit seeks class-action status on that matter.)

Author Jon Krakauer covers the settlement, and links to the full report.

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