More on the the Kochs’ Neu Wannsee Conference, from Bill Moyers

Who Controls the Kochs’ Political Network? ASMI, SLAH and TOHE | Blog, Money & Politics |

This scary article, first published by ProPublica and written by Kim Parker, begins:

Libertarian billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch were among the first to grasp the political potential of social welfare groups and trade associations — nonprofits that can spend money to influence elections but don’t have to name their donors.

The Kochs and their allies have built up a complex network of such organizations, which spent more than $383 million in the run-up to the 2012 election alone.

P.S. At the risk of sounding small-minded after the Bill Moyers’ reference above, the Koch Brothers derive their money, in part, from Quilted Northern toilet paper and Brawny paper towels. So remember: we don’t buy consumer goods produced by Georgia-Pacific.

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