Much animal news, some of it especially weird

From Harper’s Weekly Review:

An Alaska airport plans to use a robot disguised as a coyote or fox to scare off wildlife.

Why do I sense this will not go well, in a plethora of ways?

Dairy cows have tested positive for bird flu for the first time.

[T]he Thai town of Lopburi was overtaken by rival monkey gangs.

[I]n Albuquerque, police on horseback chased down a Walgreens shoplifter.

I’m wondering what the horses were thinking during this op.

In Bedfordshire, England, a bear took its own ride on a swan boat, and in Cheshire, England, a woman found out that the baby hedgehog she thought she rescued was actually a pom-pom.

The hedgehog/pom-pom item may be my old-time favorite piece of animal news.

In Mississippi, a five-legged lamb was born; “I think that he will live a normal-for-him life,” said the lamb’s vet.

For those of you who subscribe to either Acorn or Brit Box (probably Brit Box) and can stomach viewing surgeries, you can watch “The Yorkshire Vet” surgically delete a fifth limb from a baby lamb.

Punxsutawney Phil and his wife Phyllis welcomed two children into the world.

Why didn’t anyone tell us Phil got married? Shouldn’t there have been an announcement or something before you spring the birth on us?

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