My campaign against businessmen running for governmental office

A few days ago I offered a general plea, carefully not naming names — even though I had to sit on my typing fingers not to.

But you know another big question I regularly find myself asking on Twitter is “Where does the GOP find these people?” Meaning, stupid people. And today, in a NYT article about the gobsmackery Ron Johnson produces every time he open his mouth, I learned…yes! He was a rich businessman! Who decided, as do many rich businessman, to run for the Senate. And he did. He defeated the great Russ Feingold. Which is the first time I began wondering what the hell was wrong with Wisconsin?

So I’m promoting Ron Johnson to the position of Key Example Why You Must Not Vote For Businessmen Who Run For Office. In essence, it’s because, if not stupid in all areas, they are undoubtedly stupid about governance.

I’ll be updating this whenever I run into another Key Example.

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