“My cookie’s broke!”

Many years ago, while reading books on psychopathology, I picked up a cute real life story, probably from the best-seller, I’m OK – You’re OK, a practical guide to transactional analysis.

I barely remembered how transactional analysis works (thus this link) but know it bears no relationship to the way the word “transactional” is used today, i.e., everything is a business deal.

However, I clearly remember the broken cookie story. It’s destiny seems to be eternal relevance. This cookie never gets stale.

The man relating the tale had three kids. One night after dinner, his wife told the children they could have cookies for dessert. There were only three cookies left in the cookie jar, which was reached first by the two older kids who pulled out their cookies.

The littlest child, a boy, reached into the jar, pulled out the last cookie and saw that it had a chipped edge. He cried, “My cookie’s broke!,” flung it onto the floor where it shattered.

He burst into tears.

There’s a solid life lesson to be learned here. Immediately it strikes me as applicable to the way people view political candidates.

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