Filing a grievance against a lawyer. 6

To keep you all up to date on the process I launched when I mailed a grievance package against my personal injury lawyers on April 18, 2012, yesterday I got mail — specifically, a pre-printed acknowledgment card (in an impressively forceful font) from the Departmental Disciplinary Committee. It says:

Dear Complainant [gee, I have a new title now, to add to my plaintiff title]:

This acknowledges receipt by the Departmental Disciplinary Committee of a complaint that you have made about an attorney.

Due to the large volume of complaints filed in this office, it normally takes us between 3- and 45 days from the postmark date on this card to forward further information to you about the status of your complaint.

Thank you for your patient.

Very truly yours,

Office of the Chief Counsel

So you should expect an acknowledgment ten days or so after you mail your package. If you don’t get one in two weeks, I’d suggest re-mailing the package, with a little cover letter explaining why.

I’m marking my calendar at 30 work days (gotta assume the Committee isn’t working on weekends), when I’ll begin a lookout for further information from them. That will be Friday, June 8.

If you want to catch up on this subject, look through my category “Problems with your lawyer.”

Very truly yours,

The Complainant, i.e., Me

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