My holiday gift list. What’s yours?

In the November 14-27, 2016 New York magazine, Jonathan Chait offered a powerful cry to action, “Citizens, United,” in which he wrote:

American small-D democrats need to treat the election of Trump’s party in a way not unlike how we respond to authoritarianism overseas…America already has a non-profit infrastructure devoted to safeguarding domestic civil, human, and political rights, but it will have to scale up radically to meet the threat of a Trumpist party in full command of the federal government. Democracy will not disappear overnight, but it can be eroded over time. The fight to defend it must be joined in full.

One answer to the question all of us are asking, “What do we do now?” is support the civil rights organizations and non-profit journals which will be our defense against the fascist oligarchs who have taken over our federal government.

Here’s Chait’s last paragraph:

Trump’s election is one of the greatest disasters in American history. It is worth recalling, however, that history is punctuated with disasters, yet the country is in a better place now than it was a half-century ago, and a better place than a half-century before that, and so on. Despair is a counterproductive response. So is denial–an easy temptation in the wake of the inevitable postelection pleasantries and displays of respect needed to maintain the peaceful transfer of power. The proper response is steely resolve to wage the fight of our lives.

I don’t have a substantial income but I have enough money to donate to organizations whose work I fervently support. Here’s my very short list; there are so many more:

American Civil Liberties Union

The Brennan Center for Justice

League of Women Voters

Mother Jones

Planned Parenthood



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