My kind of lawsuits: sex, UWS real estate and Howard Stern

Today’s Daily News made my work easy, by putting a follow-up story to yesterday’s business with the aging Italian theater director and the young dancer (nice photo, she’s really pretty) on page 17:

Lawyer for Natasha Diamond-Walker refutes claims of theater director Antonio Calenda, says his client isn’t a gold digger – NY Daily News.

And then on the flip page 18, this utterly informative gossip item about him-who-I-don’t-give-a-damn, Howard Stern:

Howard Stern presses suit seeking $300M from his company, SiriusXM – NY Daily News.

Ah me. You’ll notice I’ve decided to be lazy when I post these links to celeb lawsuits. I mean, I’m not fussing with urls or short forms, and then doing the whole linkage business. I’m just giving it to you neat, without ice. (That is what “neat” means, right?)

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