My own state is banning…”Tiger Selfies”!

Whaa? That’s me saying that. Who knew that New York State had such a problem with, um , “tiger selfies” (more about that below) that our highly active and rational legislature (that’s sarcasm, folks) in Albany has stepped into the breach.

This legal news comes as a shock to me − as does what apparently is a dangerous  epidemic of guys taking pictures of themselves with real, live tigers as an on-line dating inducement. (I can’t imagine seeing a photo of a guy with his arms wrapped around a tiger and saying, “Yes! That’s the man for me!” but that’s just me, wallflower wimp that I am.)

Anyway, I am as ever grateful to Lowering the Bar for keeping me up with such news: New York to Ban Tiger Selfies – Lowering the Bar.

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