My Resistance: I’m dumping New Balance on the corp heads

Here’s what I’ve done today–a letter to the corporate heads of New Balance, placed in a shoe box containing my New Balance sneakers. The package will go out from my post office tomorrow.

I’ve read that numbers of people have tossed their New Balances into the garbage but I’m not sure that makes as much of an impression as returning them to the executives of the brand.

I got the information about New Balance from GrabYourWallet, the super database of brands to boycott because in one way or another they support Trump.

Jim and Anne Davis
CEO and Vice Chairman
New Balance
20 Guest Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02135

Dear Davises,

I’ve loved New Balance sneakers for years. They’re comfortable, well priced and at least parts of them are made in America.

Too bad, then, that Matt LeBretton was foolish enough to make his “right direction with Trump” statement to the Wall Street Journal–itself owned by a man, not American, who has done his top notch bit to corrupt factual news reporting and trust in our excellent news media.

As has become amply, horrifyingly clear, there is no “right direction” in America now, unless you regard fascism as the right direction for this country. Me? No.

I marched with 500,000 women in D.C. last weekend and will be undoubtedly marching again. But I did not wear my New Balances. Which are enclosed in this Basics shoe box. Basics are the sneakers I just bought to replace yours.

This will not be a simple individual gesture: I have had a blog since 2010, a blog which gets an average of over 20,000 hits a month, and has thousands of subscribers. This letter will be on the blog, under the category of My Resistance and will be noted on Twitter and Facebook.


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