My visit today with the Kvetch Page in the Daily News

Otherwise called the Voice of the People, the Daily News’s “letters to the editor” page.

Every day I learn what, uh, views are out there — and I mean “out there.” I’ve determined it’s my solemn duty to share my experience with you. I mean, why should I be sitting here marveling at some of my fellow citizens while you are desperately trying to avoid them?

So here we go:

A man in Queens complains that yellow cabs are parking overnight on the streets, taking up parking spaces which don’t belong to them. This complaint expands to a general assault on how our senators (all of them, apparently) are embezzling [sic] money and gold from other countries! The default bizarre sneers at Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, with extra points for denigrating Biden’s press secretary (think this guy is a racist?), and then NYC mayor Adams and our rat problem. Nobody is protecting our rights!!!

A guy opines about the new NYPD robot assigned to the Times Square subway station and offers a prayer some lunatic does not take an ax to it and bash it to bits.

(A big sigh prefacing…) The usual utterly incorrect protestations from a regular on this page who shows up today to state, as he always does, how the economy was great under Trump, gas prices were low, inflation is now the “highest in 40 years,” Trump controlled the border but now we’re being invaded by immigrants. (This guy lives in Connecticut.)

And John Fetterman should dress better, some people wrongly pick and choose bible quotes, a guy mailed checks to pay bills but the bills weren’t paid and his accounts were hacked and it’s USPS’s fault…

And why didn’t Joe Biden order a missile hit on Putin and Kim when they met? Because if he had, the whole world would be perfect.

But by tomorrow or Friday the nuts will be answered by the many sane people who read the Daily News.

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2 Responses to My visit today with the Kvetch Page in the Daily News

  1. Susan Thaler says:

    There are SANE people who read the Daily News???

    • Naomi says:

      There are. The Daily News supports an ongoing battle between the sanes and the insanes. The insanes snipe and call names, the sanes snipe and call facts. Today, the lead letter was from a guy kindly inviting everybody to go to Catholic Mass because something or other. The last letter was from a guy saying the climate change thing was way overblown and we all have to wake up and realize the climate on earth used to be tropical and then ice ages and that was before we humans were here and had anything to do with it so we don’t have anything to do with it now, either, and therefore can’t do anything about it. So there. By Friday someone will answer.

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