Mysteries of Life: (1) risky venture and (2) The Little House That Disappeared

From 538 Significant Digits:

921 miles

Two men, Colin O’Brady of the U.S. and Louis Rudd of Britain, are simultaneously attempting to become the first person to cross the continent of Antarctica “alone, unsupported and without harnessing the wind.” As of yesterday, their 47th day in temperatures as cold as minus 80 degrees, O’Brady had traveled 719 miles and Rudd 684 miles of the 921-mile journey. [The New York Times]

It is a mystery to me why anybody would set themselves such a goal and then try to do it. A mystery.

30 miles away

A Missouri woman’s tiny house was stolen. The tiny house was later found about 30 miles away. “TINY HOUSE FOUND,” the owner wrote on Facebook. The end. [NBC News]

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