Mysteries of life: Another world in “an orbit that could be life-friendly”

From 538 Significant Digits comes this news:

18 Earth-size planets

Even though the Kepler space telescope died last year, after discovering thousands of new planets, researchers are still poring through the data it gathered. And that effort has recently borne fruit, with the discovery of 18 new Earth-size worlds in our galaxy, including one in “an orbit that could be life-friendly.” [National Geographic]

Which inspires a number of thoughts:

  1. Are you thinking about asking for asylum? And transportation?
  2. Are you considering pitching the Trump family on a multitude of Trump towers up there? With lots of gilted condos for the whole bunch of ’em and all their Russian co-conspirators?
  3. Or maybe Congress could incorporate this discovery into punishment for contempt of Congress, rather than imprisonment and/or fines.
  4. Does “life-friendly” mean friendly to our form of life?
  5. What is our form of life at the moment?
  6. National Geographic is now owned by Rupert Murdoch.
  7. Et cetera and et alii.
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