Mysteries of life: Brace yourselves, fellow New Yorkers. China’s raising roaches

I’d do something here about Trump’s trade war except who needs it?

From 538 Significant Digits:

6 billion cockroaches

An indoor farm in Xichang, China, is producing 6 billion cockroaches per year. (Who knew the deli near my apartment had any real competition?) Using artificial intelligence technology to manage nearly 28,000 roaches per square foot — come on, the deli’s technical abilities stop short of being able to accept American Express; this isn’t fair — the company produces potions that purport to do a lot of medical stuff. I think we’re talking about the roach version of snake oil here, though. Local residents near the facility worry about the ecological catastrophe that would result from a breach at the factory, operated by the Gooddoctor Pharmaceutical Group. The fact that Xichang figured out how to monetize cockroaches before New York is the most persuasive argument against American Exceptionalism that I have ever heard. [South China Morning Post]

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