Mysteries of Life: Camels, beauty and botox

When you click on this link to the New York Times piece, you will first see an excellent, full color photograph of camels.

I do bid you gaze upon them for a few moments because they are truly beautiful. In fact, these camels are arguably more beautiful than a lot of celebrities whose photos I’ve lately seen. Especially the celebrities who have their lips blown up beyond any verisimilitude. Or, for that matter, Steve Wynn and his really bad plastic surgery. Really bad.

Pretty ladies. I mean the camels. (I’m not sure they are ladies but they look like ladies to me. Sort of like the Hollywood ladies in the panoramic cover shot Vanity Fair takes for its special issue on Hollywood.)

Then you will continue to read the piece. Which will inform you that…

Their necks were long, cheeks broad, humps shapely and lips droopy. Too droopy.

At least 12 contestants have been disqualified from Saudi Arabia’s annual camel beauty contest because the owners injected their lips with Botox.

Continue on, and you’ll see a video of the camels strutting along, like Miss America contestants.

But I am wandering off into the desert, because the question here is: there’s an official, prize-awarding pageant for camels? And botox is used to enhance the camels’ beauty?

This is a time when I realize I live on a planet with endless cultural variety with one universal ingredient: botox.

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