Mysteries of life: Garfield phones on the shores of Brittany?

I’ve spent time in Brittany and love it greatly. It retains a wildness, deep forests, rocks that make you shiver. And that sea.

I have never seen a Garfield phone. I don’t even know what Garfield himself looks like. I can’t imagine Garfield phones washing up on Brittany’s formidably rocky shores over the past thirty years.

What is this all about? From 538 Significant digits:

35 years of Garfield phones

For more than three decades, telephones in the shape of the cartoon cat Garfield washed up on the French shores of Brittany. It was long suspected that a wayward shipping container was to blame, and that container has now been found — “in a secluded sea cave accessible only at low tide.” Speaking of — Mondays, am I right? [BBC]

Do the phones still work? Is work the right word?


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