Mysteries of Life: Had a dream last night…

I know it’s not just my sister and I who wake up in the middle of the night, worried and depressed about our national nightmare. Thinking about the little children at the border…

Sometimes the worry is so persistent, I can’t get back to sleep without reading Trollope.

Last night, though, I had a dream. I ran into President Obama in the hallway of some building, and naturally sort of collapsed in front of him, saying, “Oh, we miss you so MUCH, we miss you so MUCH!” He smiled and said something, don’t know what.

We headed up a stairway together. “Will we survive this?” I asked him. His response was to smile in a reassuring way, as if he were saying, “Yes, we will.”

He was wearing a kilt. I am ashamed to say I’m not able to identify the clan pattern.

So now I’m wondering whether this means I should move to Scotland for the duration.

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2 Responses to Mysteries of Life: Had a dream last night…

  1. Deborah Fein says:

    I was just speaking to one of my Irish friends about emigrating to Ireland or Scotland. I am especially sad today that our flag and Independence day have been hijacked. Our flag now seems to represent angry, right wing, fascist, racist rhetoric. Flags on trucks are especially offensive and alarming. The flag has been denigrated and stolen by Trump and now, sadly, represents shame, not pride, in being an American. As my heart sinks over immigration and the cruelty Trump has unleashed, I want to stay hopeful that our country, and all the inclusiveness and humanity it once represented, can be salvaged.

    • Naomi says:

      There’s a new hashtag meme (if that’s the right word) blooming on Twitter. In response to Alex Jones’s demented accusation that today, the Fourth, liberals will start the second CivilWar. Liberals (and lawyers) have at the least started the hashtag #secondCivilWar. So, hey, there’s hope.

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