Mysteries of Life: How many lawyers will be going down for Trump?

Earlier today I read that Trump’s lawyer, Todd Blanche, was reprimanded harshly by Justice Merchan for making an “outrageous” statement during Blanche’s summation.

As the Times wrote, “Merchan is clearly furious, and reminds Blanche, and not for the first time, that he was a prosecutor for long enough to know that it was out of bounds. ‘Making a comment like that is highly inappropriate,’ the judge said. ‘It is simply not allowed, period. It’s hard for me to imagine how that was accidental.'”

Immediately I began thinking of the astounding number of lawyers who have or will have lost their licenses and careers, been indicted, pled guilty or face conviction and imprisonment. Destroyed their own professional reputations. For Trump. Trump, a minor, largely absurd, character who the GOP allowed to eat their party. In front of our eyes.

How many of these lawyers can I name without doing a search? Giuliani, John Eastman, Sidney Powell, Bill Barr. Jeffrey Clark, Jenna Ellis. Michael Cohen. Kenneth Chesebro. Update: And Boris Epshteyn.

Oh, and Aileen Cannon, the poster child for Trump’s court picks, grinning in a gilt frame. Picks who may have life tenure but are not shielded from life-long, constant professional and public contempt.

All for Trump? Trump?

And that incomplete list doesn’t contain the names of other lawyers who actively participated in and have been indicted for the fake electors scheme, state by state, in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Wisconsin.

For Trump, this nothing person, this ugly, hate-filled, dumb toddler stuck forever in the yowling Terrible Twos stage of life?

It’s beyond comprehension.




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  1. Deborah Fein says:

    Unfortunately lifelong contempt seems meaningless to these lawyers. They seem to be in a competition for who could be the most contemptuous

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