Mysteries of Life: My resistance is low

Not my Resistance. That couldn’t be any higher. Minute after minute, each day, the outrage, the “I want to DO something! Right now!”

All that stuff. I’m sure you’re going through it, too. What else is there to pay fierce attention to?

But I’ve been getting a lot of colds lately. Three in the past nine months. The first cold was so bad it put me out of commission for months. The second? Meh. This third one? Normal.

I wandered into my excellent pharmacist’s yesterday to ask about resistance and immune systems and (I practically had to swallow the word)…vitamins. Because I’m of the firm opinion I get all the vitamins I need in my food.

Edit that: I have always been of the firm opinion, blah blah blah.

I thoroughly appreciate my pharmacist because he did not sketch out a possible supplement plan. Instead, he shrugged and responded to my question, “Is there any evidence that any of these things work?” by saying, “Well some people say there’s evidence and some people say there isn’t.”

I left without any vitamins. But I began thinking. I take conscientious actions to keep my resistance to viruses as high as possible. I get plenty of sleep, I eat healthily, I always wash my hands whenever I’ve touched objects other people have touched. I drink a lot of water.

So should I blame my newly vulnerable resistance to getting older?

Not logical, because only in the past year has this happened.

So now I’m asking: could the awfulness of our current politics have acted to lower my resistance? Can I attribute my frequent colds to William Barr — never mind the Mad King Don who’s verbal disintegration is noticeably worse? Worse. The worst. The utter chaos. It never ends.

Meanwhile, if I weren’t boycotting half the tissue manufacturers in the US for their bad acts and/or ownership, I’d buy stock — along with the two giant boxes of tissues I purchase every couple of days.



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