Mysteries of life: one of the most peculiar pieces of news I’ve read

Maybe ever. Maybe only recently. I read it last night in the Times and figured it to be a jam-packed summary of a BIG spy story. Or the plot of a new movie like Argo.

Here it is, thanks to 538 Significant Digits. Enjoy.

10 alleged raiders

Recently, in international incidents: Ten alleged assailants from a “mysterious dissident organization” raided a North Korean embassy in Madrid. They held employees hostage and stole computers and documents as part of an attempt to overthrow the Kim regime. They then fled for the U.S. by way of Lisbon and offered the pilfered material to the FBI. Oh, and did I mention they were led by a Mexican national who graduated from Yale and once did a jail stint in China? Just your typical story, in other words. [Associated Press, The New York Times]

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