Mysteries of Life: Random weirdness from Harper’s Weekly Review

A drug-dealing, white-supremacist stripper was sentenced for obstruction of justice in Texas…

But how did she/he obstruct justice? I really want to know.

Tennessee issued a guidance that gives school districts the option to send teachers exposed to COVID-19 back to work.

Tennessee, home of the 1925 Butler Act, which made it a misdemeanor for public schools to teach anything that contradicted the absolute truth of the bible. Such as evolution. Which led to the Scopes Trial in which Scopes, a young teacher, was found guilty by a jury of defying the Butler Act. Which was not repealed until 1967. Just thought I’d point out the consistency in the way Tennessee has been treating its teachers for almost 100 years. Never mind science, read the bible.

A Chinese textbook publisher halted publication of a middle school math textbook it had created with different versions for male and female students.

Maybe the Chinese publisher should translate the textbook into English and try selling it to school districts in Tennessee.

Scientists said painting eyes on cows’ rear ends in Botswana helps to ward off lions… 

…engineers revealed that Apple built a “top secret” iPod for the U.S. government.

What government is that? We don’t have a government at the moment. Paging Tim Cook, paging Tim Cook…

Arizona senator Martha McSally told her supporters to skip a meal and donate the money to her campaign instead.

As nuts as this sounds, it is factual: I saw the video ad. (Starve for Martha! It’s a bumper sticker. That isn’t factual. I made it up.)

NASA said that the International Space Station has sprung a “small air leak,” and that an asteroid might collide with Earth on the eve of Election Day.

Look, I didn’t see movies like Independence Day, so I’m not prepared to dive into this.

Officials found a radar-guided air-to-air missile at a small airport in Florida.

Unless this is preparation for addressing that asteroid problem.


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