Mysteries of Life: Suddenly big animals are occupying people space

The other day I was pondering the hippo population at (or escaped from) the Escobar enclosure.

Today I’m wondering about the gang of polar bears who are occupying a Russian town, wandering the hallways, scaring everyone…

Chris Hayes had a video last night on his 8 pm MSNBC hour. It’s best to watch this from a distance of many thousands of miles. With an ocean in between. Because one bear was wandering around the hallways of a residential building, passing right by a baby carriage.

It does make you wonder what that Russian town can do about their new immigrants.

Big animals, disrupting the human world. Or taking back the earth because we’ve fucked around with it for too long.

Gotta give you a couple of the comments to the New York Times article:

  1. Jack, Austin, TX:

It looks more like the Russian military invaded polar bear’ territory not the other way around… as well as polluted it with their trash… Too bad bears can’t stop those “invasions”… yet. Should we ask if they want our advisers…? :))

2. Woodson Dart, Connecticut:

Now THAT’S what I call a “polar vortex”!

And my favorite:

3. Leonid Andreev,  Cambridge, MA:

Perhaps Russia’s black and brown bears should start organizing rallies, demanding to build a wall on Russia’s northern border, in order to keep all the hungry, ill-behaved white polar bears from swarming the country.

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