Mysteries of Life: The Daily News looks into the future and finds

Yes, I didn’t finish the title. Because today the Daily News’ letters to the editor section (called Voice of the People) had a letter criticizing the news for…not finishing news articles. The writer pointed out one article ended “[Governor Kathy] Hochul must” and never continued.

What is the Daily News telling her she must do? We don’t know, possibly never will.

Amused, I continued my perusal of the digital edition until I reached the last page, the TV listings. Since the Times no longer gives us TV listing, I always glance through those in the News and take a look at the TCM listings because, although I won’t be watching in real time, I will occasionally do On Demand and pick up a movie I’d like to see, and the daily listings forecast what will be available On Demand.

There. Did I make that clear?

Well, today’s TV listings, dated appropriately December 29, 2021, were headed…


Since, like everybody else, I wonder about being a bit disoriented from COVID, I blinked a couple of times, then checked the date on my computer. Which is Wednesday, December 29, 2021.

Yep, the Daily News TV listings are for New Year’s Eve, two days hence.

Oh, we readers will be hearing about this from the Voice of the People tomorrow!


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