Mysteries of life: the poop in New Jersey

My sister and brother in law live in New Jersey, where they are managed by their two dogs, Layla, who is black, and Bodhi, who is white.

There are no equal rights implications in their rambunctious dogs’ coloring — they just happened to come that way — although both the dogs’ service personnel (my bro in law and sis) do express their passionate commitment to equal rights on various social media fora. Where both dogs regularly appear in videos.

However, I just rambled off track a bit there. What I meant to say is, Layla and Bodhi both poop. They are largish dogs, so I’d guess they poop a lot, although I am not a credible witness.

So maybe it’s because of my pooping New Jersey nephew and niece that I found this Lowering the Bar item extra amusing. Although there’s a certain sadness in it, as you will learn:

In May, police in New Jersey said they had identified the mysterious person who had reportedly been defecating almost every morning “on or near the track and football field” at Holmdel High School: it was the school district’s superintendent. Surveillance video finally identified the mystery pooper, who has taken a leave of absence to deal with the resulting charges. At a brief court hearing on June 12, neither the superintendent nor his attorney offered any explanation for the behavior.

I bolded my favorite phrase.

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