NBC’s Dateline sued by ex-producer over forced sexual role play

I don’t watch ‘Dateline’ so all I can do with this story is give you the Daily News version:

 A former producer is suing NBC’s “Dateline” for repeatedly requiring her “to engage in sexual role play and serve as bait for targets.”

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Kimberly Lengle says her boss put in her potentially dangerous situations in mostly failed bids to get stories about sex related ads on the Internet — including trying to track down a guy known as “The Sperminator.”

Lengle, 33, of Manhattan, says Dateline producer Dan Slepian assigned her almost exclusively to do investigative stories where she had to respond to sex ads or put her own ads on the internet, insisting that she send her own photo despite the potential danger involved.

If Ms. Lengle’s charges hold up, this certainly is a lawsuit. I’d call it sexual harassment by proxy.

(“The Sperminator”????)

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