Need some laughs today? Try these items of animal news

From the current Harper’s Weekly Review:

Torrential rains in New York City caused massive flooding in subway stations, streets, and homes, and allowed a sea lion to briefly escape from her enclosure at the Central Park Zoo.

In Central Greece, a herd of sheep, looking for grass after fields had flooded, entered a greenhouse and ate 100 kilograms of cannabis. “I don’t know if it’s for laughing or for crying,” said the greenhouse owner.

Javier Milei, an anarcho-capitalist candidate for Argentina’s presidency who owns an English mastiff named after Milton Friedman and routinely appears at campaign stops wielding a chainsaw, denied during a pre-election debate that 30,000 people were disappeared under the country’s military junta.

A tortoise escaped the vet for the third time…

…an eight-foot albino boa constrictor was found stuck beneath a car in Myrtle Beach, and a support alligator named Wally was denied entry to a Phillies game.

“No one is safe … It’s hell when someone finds themselves confronted with this,” said the deputy mayor of Paris about an outbreak of bedbugs in the city’s Metro system.

A moose was found wandering the underground train tracks in Stockholm.

[I]t was reported that a beetle named after Hitler was approaching extinction because neo-Nazis wouldn’t stop buying it.

An Arkansas police officer chased a trespassing chicken for more than four minutes.

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