Nevada sued by San Francisco for doing a bad, bad thing

It’s a bad, sad story, and I was wondering when something like this was going to happen.

The country is so fragmented and states are acting vicious about the most needy. To get a whiff, here’s the New York Times headline and link to the beautifully written and moving Rick Lyman article:Once Suicidal and Shipped Off, Now Battling Nevada Over Care –

If a state refuses to accept the Affordable Care Act, refuses to expand Medicaid, then we have to assume people will be forced to move from that state to a state that will be expanding its health insurance coverage. So, in effect, certain states are passive aggressively shoving needy people out.

I just didn’t expect that a state, Nevada in this case, would literally load up a bus with their needy people, drive them across the border into California and dump them in the San Francisco streets. So Dennis Herrera, San Francisco’s City Attorney, has filed a lawsuit against the State of Nevada.

It’s worse than offensive. It’s criminally amoral. You’re bad, Nevada — and I don’t mean”bad” in the sense of “cool.”

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