New laws for the next POTUS (from the Christian Community)

I was prepared to take you all back into Housing Court — and I will, I promise, especially because I’m going back into Housing Court tomorrow — but this morning I was reading the June 18, 2012 New Yorker. And I found some quotes I must repeat here.

These are from the article, “Bully Pulpit: An evangelist talk-show host’s campaign to control the Republican Party,” by the exemplary writer Jane Mayer. She covers the character and career of a man I’ve never heard of, and wish I didn’t have to have heard of. His name is Bryan Fischer. He is the host of a Christian radio talk show called “Focal Point.”

As Mayer writes, “He is one of the country’s most vocal opponents of what he calls ‘the homosexual-rights movement.’ As he puts it, ‘A rational culture that cares about its people will, in fact, discriminate against adultery, pedophilia, rape, bestiality, and, yes, homosexual behavior.'”

Okay, now you’re prepared to handle this:

Fischer’s demands center on policy. He wants the next President to advocate criminalizing all abortions—even in the case of rape victims—and making contraception available only to married couples. He wants schools to be able to teach “intelligent design” alongside what he calls the “morally and intellectually bankrupt theory of evolution.” Indeed, he believes that America will never be safe with “a President who believes that man evolved from slime.” Though Fischer frames his arguments with charged language, his religious viewpoint is hardly unusual: a recent poll showed that sixty-six per cent of Republican voters in Mississippi don’t believe in evolution.

This dopey lunatic has influence: his inflammatory radio crap caused the ever-courageous Romney to shove off his campaign staff a foreign policy adviser who is openly gay and who was the target of the vile Bryan Fischer:

To make his case that Grenell [the adviser] posed a national-security risk, Fischer presented a prurient scenario: “What if he’s traveling for Mitt Romney on government business? … He’s overseas somewhere … he’s got top-secret information in his hotel room, and he just can’t help himself? He’s gotta have an anonymous tryst with some homosexual?” A caller pointed out that straight people also take sexual risks. (Indeed, the recent Secret Service scandal involved male agents consorting with female prostitutes in Colombia.) Fischer was unfazed, maintaining his view that Romney’s choice of Grenell was “a very disturbing appointment.”

Nine days after Fischer’s on-air campaign began, Grenell resigned …

Fischer received the news of Grenell’s resignation while he was hosting his show. “Wow!” he said … “I was the first one on the conservative front to raise an issue about this. This is absolutely huge, ladies and gentlemen … He resigned because of pressure that was put on the Romney campaign by the pro-family community.”

I’m not sure what we’re supposed to do with this scary info. All I can do is pass it on.

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